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I am passionate about helping artists create the success you want with increased exposure, reputation and sales. I put all of my experience as a gallery owner, curator, art consultant and writer into supporting and guiding you to reach your goals. If you want a successful art career, I’m the person who can help get you there.

Gwenda Joyce – Art Ambassador

How Gwenda helps artists:

  • Get clear on your goals for your art
  • Develop a plan for your success
  • Identify and express the essential elements of your art
  • Communicate about your art to draw people to it
  • Improve your writing and your website
  • Write a short art statement (SAS)
  • Make the most of social media & online marketing
  • Create effective promotional materials
  • Learn what to present to galleries for representation
  • Identify & reach out to potential clients
  • Develop business relationships for your art
  • Eliminate obstacles such as procrastination and indecision
  • Shift into a mode of confident productivity
  • Make better use of your time
  • Create systems that help streamline your work/business flow
  • Stretch your creativity and your potential
  • Make the progress you’ve always dreamed of

Gwenda helps you take decisive action and get

your greatest work

out into the world.

Step up to your Art Career!

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Gwenda Joyce, Art Ambassador is dedicated to helping YOU establish and expand YOUR art career!

Artists today face complex challenges to build a successful career. You want to spend all of your time in the studio making your art, but you are required to learn and develop business practices that may be foreign to you.
I used to be a gallery owner.  I understand artists.  I support artists who are passionate about their work but get frustrated with the whole marketing – business part.   How can I help you?

As an accomplished artist, you want your art to be seen, appreciated and collected by people who recognize your unique talents.

If you are accomplished at making art, I believe you have what it takes to be successful. I can help you with the business part.

Art Ambassador programs & tools for artists will connect you with your art audience with:

  • Step-by-Step Programs to implement the 17 Steps to Success
  • Tools that cut time and lead you straight to success
  • Strategies to turn contacts into clients
  • A way to plan your marketing
  • A clear path to sales and gallery representation

This is what you will get:

  • A clear vision for your success so you can step into it
  • Skills to create important new connections NOW
  • Focused on your goals 
  • Clients drawn to you non-stop
  • Excitement about finding exhibition opportunities
  • Guidance in assessing places to submit your work for exhibition
  • Your art onto gallery walls & into buyer’s hands

This is what you give up when you get on board with the Art Ambassador:

  • The fear of success
  • Being paralyzed by obstacles, both real and imagined
  • Procrastination from waiting to be ‘discovered’
  • Loss of motivation because you don’t know which way to go
  • The mindset of the Starving Artist
How to get on the path to success:
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Jeff Jones

During our phone coaching sessions, Gwenda's decades of art world experience shined through with the abundant knowledge she had at the ready to share with me. Her knowledge on how to approach galleries ranged from the big picture to small detail, the process to product. I found it all quite revelatory and inspiring, plus she is so easy to work with.

– Jeff Jones

Katherine Greene

Gwenda gently guided me to dig deep to discover the true meaning of my work. It was an exciting and fulfilling process and a foundation for more discoveries. In my session we discussed everything from talking about my art to why I paint abstract art. I went from "I can't do this" to deepening my relationship with my art and my understanding of my paintings.

– Katherine Greene

Beth Changstrom

In Gwenda’s seminar I learned a tremendous amount, both from the gallery point of view, but more importantly, about my own work. I discovered things about my work and where it’s going! Gwenda is extremely knowledgeable, and willing to share it. What I learned was worth far more than I paid for.

-- Beth Changstrom

Gregg Chadwick

Working with Gwenda has been a 'win-win-win' all around. Gwenda's enthusiasm and vision are inspiring. Things keep coming at me out of the blue - writers wanting to write about my work, being featured online. I'm working with a gallery now. I'm loving everything that's going on. Gwenda brings so much intelligence and positive energy to it. Her energy and enthusiam fuels me so much. I just want to hide in the studio and create-create-create!

--Gregg Chadwick

Margaret Lazzari

Working with Gwenda was really helpful and clarified so many things. She has great suggestions that changed my feelings about galleries and my career completely.

– M.L. Los Angeles

Reid Winfrey

Gwenda and I had worked together on some charitable projects in the past, and following that she brought my work to the attention of some serious collectors who had both the interest and the money to close a deal. Later she was able to connect me to a gallery that I had sent work to on a couple of different occasions, without a response. I’m not sure what she did that I didn’t know how to do, but the gallery became very interested and ultimately took about 15 paintings for exhibition. They sold two of them right away. Gwenda is sincere, direct, and honest; very easy to work with!

-- Reid Winfrey

Gail Chase-Bien

When I signed on with Gwenda I signed a huge sigh or relief. I knew I was in the right place. Gwenda got me representation with not one, but two galleries. My future looks so different now than it did a year ago.

Cheryl Walker

Gwenda’s unique way of Coaching helped me discover why I make art the way I do. We explored my process and I am recognizing my true contribution. This was a huge revelation, and now I ‘own ‘ it. I am more confident in making my proposals, and I am currently negotiation a really big project. Everything has shifted in the direction I want it to go.

-- Cheryl Walker

Roberta Alexander

I graduated from a top art school and have been making art for years. Before working with Gwenda, I was making paintings on panels leftover from another artist. I traded paintings with my friends instead of selling them. Gwenda helped me focus on creating a series of paintings around one idea. I created 7 new works, we revised my resume and re-wrote my artist’s statement, then I started submitting the work for exhibition. I got a one-person show in less than 3 months. Working in a series has given me a whole new way of thinking about my work. I am making the work I want to and getting it exhibited. I just sold my first piece in this series yesterday.

-- Roberta Alexander

Gerry Lang

I have been involved in public art for a number of years, and now I’m getting back into my own personal work. My conversations with Gwenda have been really rich, and she has really affirmed some things for me and helped me get clear on a direction. I have started a whole new body of work and Gwenda has helped me clarify where I want to go.

-- Gerry Lang/Lang Studios

Pamela Merory Dernham

What impressed me about Gwenda is her passion for art. Gwenda and I met when she came in to see an exhibit I had at a regional museum where I was doing a lecture and demo. We stayed in touch, and I invited her to my studio. She is so knowledgeable and thoughtful. She invited me to exhibit in a special exhibit in a public space. I was really glad to add it to my resume, and the extra exposure gave me access to a completely new audience.

-- Pamela Merory Dernham

Michael Acker

The main way Gwenda Joyce has helped me as an artist is by her honest and very knowledgeable reactions to my work. I don’t think my art would have advanced as it has without her feedback. Our conversations are a great source of energy for me. More concretely, she works hard to help me find outlets for my art. Her letter of recommendation was instrumental in my recent successful application for a Pollock-Krasner Grant.

-- Michael Acker

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